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Sunitha Athisdam

Sunitha Athisdam -

  • Stichting Nationaal Register van Chiropractoren (SNRC)
  • Christian Chiropractic Association (CCA)

I was born in Singapore from Indian heritage and moved to Melbourne, Australia with my family at the age of 10. From an early age, I had plans to become a medical doctor and was getting ready to enter university when I chose to do work experience in a hospital. It was during this time I realised that this environment was not for me. The smell of the place, the sterile environment just didn’t feel right and didn’t make me want to go there at all. In hindsight, I realised that hospitals were for sick people, for people that wanted something to take that sick feeling away, but still remained sick. Often, these people also had limited choices left. Health is not merely an absence of sickness, but an optimal functioning of your body, mind and spirit.

The first time that I found out about Chiropractic was at a University open day and the  philosophy of Chiropractic resonated with me. I was more inspired to help people retain their health throughout their life. Studying Chiropractic in Australia is a full-time five-year degree consisting of a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. After graduation, I worked in Australia and Indonesia before moving to the Netherlands in 2010 to work in a family practice in Castricum. I have had my own private practice since November 2013.


There are many techniques in Chiropractic and I have specialised in Sacro-Occipital technique (SOT), which concentrates on the special relationship between the skull and pelvis. In 2019, I attained my Diplomate in Functional Neurology through the Carrick Institute. I strive to become more knowledgeable about the human brain and how to best protect and optimise its function.  

"People that have their health in order have their lives in order."

- Sunitha Athisdam


Camille Kelly -

  • Stichting Nationaal Register van Chiropractoren (SNRC)
  • Christian Chiropractic Association (CCA)

Growing up in the Adelaide Hills, I developed  a deep appreciation and connection with nature and animals, it also ignited my passion for holistic healthcare. As a chiropractor, I embrace a vitalistic approach, seeking harmony in body and mind. 

I'm particularly passionate about supporting expectant mothers and new parents. I understand the physical and emotional transitions they go through and am committed to providing gentle, empathetic care during these transformative times. My treatments are tailored to the unique needs of pregnancy and postpartum periods, focusing on safe chiropractic adjustments for every stage.


I have done further studies in SOT (Sacral occipital technique), which focuses on the balance and connection between the cranial and bones pelvis, as well as training in specific pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic. In 2020 I moved to the Netherlands and have found myself at home in Amsterdam. I’m an avid dog lover, and enjoy exploring the city and surrounds with my little poodle Ollie.


Gordon Ryan -

  • Stichting Nationaal Register van Chiropractoren (SNRC)
  • Dutch Chiropractic Federation (DCF)

Growing up on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Australia, I developed a deep respect for and connection with nature, I will be forever thankful for this as this connection continues to shape my approach to health and well-being today.


I graduated in 2004 with a Masters of Chiropractic from Macquarie University, Sydney. Whilst this eduction gave me the fancy certificates that I needed, it also equipped me with something much more important, a genuine appreciation of the healing power that the human body possesses.


I am lucky enough to have a wife that is a chiropractor and shares the same health philosophy as I do. In 2019 this philosophy was tested when our daughter was born with a significant birth defect. After spending her first 3 months in hospital, we witnessed both the miracles and limitations of medicine with her condition. They gave her life-saving surgery, but knowing how to help her body heal and flourish after this event has reinforced to us the chiropractic philosophy, that our bodies heal from the inside, out. We are now blessed with two beautiful, healthy daughters.


It is this inherent healing power that motivates me as a chiropractor, and I want to share this empowering knowledge with as many people as I can. If people can better understand their own body and appreciate how truly special it is, this will help guide and serve them in many aspects of their life. With this is mind, it is my goal to help grow a community that is filled with energetic, less stressed and joyful individuals that wholeheartedly engage in activities that they love. Through chiropractic, which optimises the communication between the brain and the body, growing this community with vibrant and balanced lifestyles can and should be the norm.


I warmly welcome newcomers to the Noord practice, so we can grow this community.

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