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Healthcare is continuing to evolve and Functional Neurology serves to bridge the gap between Allopathic medicine and complementary medicine. As chiropractic deals mainly in changes to the Central Nervous System, we can start to provide more precise and accurate care for people.


We know about the strong connection between brain and body.  The brain initiates and co-ordinates movements in the body and the body has to re-lay information of its environment back to the brain. It is a continuous, multi-sensory ongoing loop that can be easily distorted.


The limitations in the scope of conventional medicine are such that unless a patient needs surgery or ongoing medications for symptom relief, choices are limited.  Functional Neurology aims to increase the functional pathways and the connections within the brain so that we can restore our adaptive capabilities. We do this by analysing and comparing the visual, vestibular and cerebellar pathways that fire down into the spinal cord and vice versa.


Sunitha has undertaken the Neurology Masters Program through the Carrick Institute.  They are the most prestigious and well-renowned in the profession. The Carrick Institute and its scholars pride themselves on keeping up to date with the latest developments in Neuroscience and by doing so aim to help people to the best of their ability.  

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