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Make your body a better place to live


At The Chiropractor Amsterdam we strongly believe that your ability to heal and to thrive is far greater than you have been led to believe.

In the midst of the busy city centre, The Chiropractor offers a safe space.  A place to reset from our fast-paced lives. Our speciality is the chiropractic adjustment - this is unique to detecting and correcting vertebral subluxations with the aim to decrease interference in the nervous system. Through consistent care, we aim not only for the quick fix, but long term wellness with the direct purpose of our clients leading more connected, healthy and enjoyable lives.

Initial Consultation

The important first step is where we learn about you and your body. Through extensive orthopaedic and neurological testing our goal is to identify the root cause of your complaint. We then follow-up with a detailed plan that is tailored to meet your goals.

Regular Chiropractic

Do you have neck or backpain that you can't seem to overcome? Do certain movements hurt that never used to? Then chiropractic can help you.

Functional Neurology

We specialise in treatments for complex neurological conditions that often requires more in depth investigations. These includes concussion, dizziness, burn out, and chronic pain disorders. 

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