The Chiropractor is a practice with the community at its core, aiming to empower clients to make positive health choices. As a team we strive to educate our community about the human body's ability to heal itself with proper Central Nervous System function. 

In the midst of the busy city centre, The Chiropractor offers a safe space.  A place to reset from our fast-paced lives. A relaxing studio with zen garden. Both aesthetically pleasing as well as profoundly calming through great service and knowledge through our tone of voice that’s friendly, informative and grounded.

The commodity we offer is the chiropractic adjustment - this is unique to detecting and correcting vertebral subluxations with the aim to decrease interference in the nervous system. Through consistent care, we aim not only for the quick fix, but long term wellness with the direct purpose of our clients leading more connected, healthy and enjoyable lives.