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To make a booking for an intial consultation or a regular appointment please click here

Initial Consultation €130. Children €95

We will ask a comprehensive history which will guide our physical exam.  This will determine exactly which parts of your spine and nervous system are not functioning well. This includes orthopaedic tests that check the integrity of your spine and related joints and neurological tests that determine areas of your brain that are not receiving enough input for proper brain function. We use FDA approved CAPS Posturography and Right Eye visual tracking system to obtain accurate objective findings.

Initial Cosult

Regular Chiropractic Appointment €65

Each adjustment builds upon the last, and your body functions better with regular adjustments. After your initial consultation your chiropractor will discuss what is appropriate for you.

RightEye Assessment €79

We are proud to offer a comprehensive vision exam using advanced, state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology. The RightEye system enables us to pinpoint functional vision and brain health issues, identify the root cause of reading problems, and improve athletic performance.

Functional Neuro

Functional Neurology €95

Regular chiropractic is mainly concerned with the connection between the body and the brain, functional neurology focuses on the connection between the brain and the body. Whilst this may sound like the same thing, this subtle distinction can help identify important and profound characteristics about the function of your body, which is very important as dysfunction of the nervous system is often complex and multi-factorial.  This is especially the case in specialised conditions like concussion, migraines, balance disorders and dizziness. Attention deficits and learning behaviours in children and adults often stem from a disbalance in the brain.  This specialty in unique within the chiropractic field.

12 visit package €720

We believe there should be a benefit to you when you invest in your health.

Our 12 visit package is priced the same as buying 11 regular chiropractic appointments.

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