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We are incredibly excited to be able to share our passion for chiropractic in Amsterdam Noord. 

We will be bringing the same love and care to help nurture your body into the best version of yourself. 


The state of your body effects everything that you do.

There are things we need to do, like sleeping, there are things we want to do, like to make better decisions at work, and there are things we love to do, like have more energy to enjoy our families.  

If our body is not functioning with ease, the things we need, want and love to do become more and more difficult. Chiropractic helps your body function the way it was designed and not let these things become more difficult. 


Amsterdam - Kinkerstraat

12C-HS Kinkerstraat

1053DT Amsterdam

+31 20 789 29 32

+31 6 28 13 99 61


Amsterdam - Noord

Latherusstraat 36

1032 EB Amsterdam

+31 6 35 62 38 80


Thanks. We'll be in touch shortly.

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