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Our bodies are clever.

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Earth has rhythms and orders that are always followed. These rhythms are operating on all timeframes; hourly, daily, seasonally, yearly, etcetera. The way the earth rotates around the sun dictates the weather, which dictates life cycles of all ecosystems within it. When something is out of balance, nature will always try and right itself to bring it back into balance.

There is currently a huge movement to help save the planet, and rightly so, but I would like us to turn inward and give our own bodies the same love and empathy. After all we are a part of nature and this planet, and intrinsic to these ecosystems.

Our body, like our planet, has rhythms. These rhythms happen on all timeframes, too. Our body, like our planet, has a chemistry, and like our planet it houses intricate systems (ecosystems) that intertwine with each other. Such is the intelligence of our body.

Nature is whole and highly organised.

The chiropractic premise is that life is intelligent, and that the body can heal itself and restore balance as it was created by the wisdom of nature.

The further we move away from nature, the longer we must give ourselves to adapt. In my opinion the modern world has moved too far away from nature.

We are losing this important ability to be able to tune in and listen to our bodies.

Please spend a moment to both marvel and thank your body for all the wisdom that it holds.

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